Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Blogging About Litigants Blogging

This is a blog post about litigants using blogs and websites.

I know, the whole ironic, self-conscious thing is so 1990s, but this topic was too good to pass up.

The Wall Street Journal Law Blog has an oh-so-interesting discussion about the recent trend of litigants using blogs and websites as part of ongoing courtroom, and the attendant public relations, battles.

Progress and time march on, so this trend is likely here to stay, if not increase in popularity. But is it a good thing? As an attorney, and a part-time/novice blogger, I say "aye" - with a caveat, of course.

A blog or a website is merely a tool. As an attorney, or as someone who is not a member of the bar but who is caught up in the litigation process, why wouldn't you want more tools at your disposal? Whether and how to use those tools is up to you.

Information is easier to disburse then ever. Youtube anyone? Whether there is any merit to the content is another question.

Back to the litigation blogs. One question that is most interesting to yours truly is whether an increase in the usage of such devices will empower Davids or will it simply further empower Goliaths.

In concept, a website or blog can be cheaply established and easily maintained, and thus may be a way to level the playing field and allow those of less means to essentially wage an otherwise costly PR battle. Is it not foreseeable, though, that once all parties agree to engage via the same medium that the party that has access to more assets will have an advantage? Possible, but a relatively primitive blog may still be a more than sufficient device when placed in the hands of an effective communicator with a meaningful message.

Bottom lining it - on balance, I like the idea. It's creative, and it will be interesting to see where it takes us.

Lawyers and non-lawyers alike please chime in on this one. What's your take?

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